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you are a star of my life.

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Anonymous asked: dobar blog :)

Hvala <3

juicyfruitworld asked: Hi, nice page You have going! I am trying to repay my college debt and working my job is not enough to support myself ... I would be very thankful if you would visit my blog and check the commerceals (under the title).. And its very important to stay there a little time.. Hope you'll help me with that Im very sorry for bothering you and thank you very very much! It will costs you nothing but will mean to me a lot Thank you, thank you very much and merry christamas!!

Hi,thank you. I followed you,and I’m gonna say I’m always here,and I will try to help you. You’re not bothering me. <3 Thanks,Merry Christmas too :)


hahahhaha, ispoštovaala :3 

Tako to obično biva.

Dok su u vezi: Momak-jedi,jedi neko će da te voli i takvu debelu.
Poslije veze: Daj vidi je ne može sjest' na jednu stolicu.
'vako svaki Božiji čas haha